Wheesht! Skin Care

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Made in Stirling, all Wheesht products are vegan and cruelty free.


This gentle cleansing balm with its vibrant colour will clean the skin from excess oil, dirt & grime without blocking the pores. Mango butter will keep the skin soft, nourished and moisturised, and with the help of sea buckthorn, palmarosa & lemon it can help fight the skins of ageing in oily/combination skin.

How to use: Take a finger tip amount & warm in between you hands. Apply to skin in circular motions to help remove dirt, grime, makeup residue. Take a warm damp cloth and apply to skin to help open the skins pores. Then wipe away. Apply facial oil/serum to help lock in moisture.


Moisturising, nourishing and rehydrating day cream with Rosehip oil & Squalane to help improve skin appearance and promote cell regeneration. Rosehip oil contains high amount of fatty acids and vitamin E to help promote healthy skin. Rosehip oil can help improve skin texture, and can even help reduce the appearance of acne scars Also known as the dry oil as it does not clog pores so is ideal for all skin types especially oily skin. Olive squalane is a light oil that closely matches our own sebum so will easily penetrate deep into the skin making the skin feel hydrated.